Frequently Asked Questions

Enefti Technologies is an organization that aims to combine different professions with blockchain infrastructure in the changing world technology. It aims to serve in many business lines such as VR/AR product designs, Metaverse design and training, creating a marketplace, organizing some non-profit activities, using economic investment tools that can be offered to the public, web3.0 integrations of devices used in health fields, especially veterinary medicine.

From the moment we started the architectural designs of our project, we made our trademark registration applications. As a result of the registration process, which took about 8 months, it was decided to protect our trademarks for 10 years by the “Turkish Patent Institute”. Applications for European Union patents will be made in the future.

Of course it will. For this, we have a website established for information purposes for now. ( We also have a brand patent in this project. We will be announcing a marketplace with different features where many creative works are exhibited!

Software studies have to go through long design and testnet stages. This is necessary for you to have more realistic and quality experiences in a safer environment. The completion of our project as software and the start of the testnet stages may take the first quarter of 2024. However, in this long period of time, we have added a system to our website where our investors or early followers can experience our universe with 360 tours with VR infrastructure so that they can better understand our universe. ( So, you will be able to have more information about our project and see what we have done much more closely.

The founder of the project is a veterinarian. Responsible for management and financial matters. We adopt a working style with hierarchical groups established with successful people in their fields for architectural designs, engineering and software stages.

During the period when we started the work of our project, there were serious decreases in the crypto money market. For this reason, we did not bring any regulation regarding our crypto money to our roadmap in 2022. However, due to the progress of the project and the need for more financial support, we started to focus on issuing our crypto money. As stated in our roadmap, we are planning to offer our crypto money to the public in the last quarter of 2022 – the first quarter of 2023. We aim to perform an ICO on stock exchange listings, followed by a strategic ICO for pre-sale and an ICO for seed. This exchange may be of domestic or foreign origin. Stay tuned for more information on the process!