The name of this region, which we will describe as the heart of our metaverse universe, is eNeFTiPARK. There are 2 art galleries in this area. We are working on an infrastructure that will enable you to receive interactive information as well as buy and sell NFT works in these art galleries. There are miniature works in art galleries where you can get historical information. You will be able to interact with online curators. The cafeteria located right behind our galleries can be used as a gathering area.

Any user online will be able to showcase their work!

Every user who is online on our platform and carries a certain amount of EVR tokens in his wallet will be able to exhibit any NFT work in his possession in the galleries, together with the draws to be held on certain dates.


At this stage of our universe, there is a ``Meta-Center`` designed to scale with architectural maps for organizations such as capital companies, crypto money companies, cryptocurrency exchanges. A ``Meta-Center`` designed for ENEFTI TECHNOLOGIES that you observe during the tour. These properties are prepared for our partners at certain fees before the launch.

What can you do here?

-You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ATMs with DEX and CEX connections.

-You can visit the NFT exhibitions in these structures and make purchases.

-You can organize various organizations in the event areas.

-You can make a flashy advertisement for your brand or company.

-You can take advantage of the privileges in the metaverse world.


This unique space was designed directly on the recommendation of our founder. As you know, our founder is a Veterinarian. We are producing a new idea in this hypothetical transformation of the internet in order to provide practical training due to the insufficient number of Veterinary Medicine faculties in Turkey.

Clinical Activities

-Interactive practical courses from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

-There are ``Rare Animal NFT`` artifacts in the clinics. Online users who buy and hold these artifacts will gain serious advantages according to the rarity level of the artifact. In order to purchase these artifacts, you need to have a certain amount of EVR tokens in your hand and burn this token in the specified dimensions.

-The veterinary clinics are the treatment and shelter centers for the symbolic animals of the ``Meme Token`` projects. The animals (shib, doge, akita, etc.) of each ``Meme Token`` projects that will take place in the Metaverse universe are now safe!


A zoo designed by our architects with a tube-channel system. In this zoo, the endangered creatures due to ``climate change`` will be exhibited and an infrastructure will be prepared where you can get interactive information about these creatures. We welcome animal lovers from all over the world here!

Come on, find hidden endangered animal NFTs!

NFT artifacts of endangered animals will be hidden in some parts of the universe. Surprises await those who reach these works.


We have designed a very special amphitheater for our metaverse universe so that many fun activities can be done. Many activities can be done in this area, which was established to ensure interaction for online users. Here are some of them:

- Concerts by real artists

-Blockchain meetups

-Live AMA events

- Promotion nights