We have explained some of the topics we think you should know about our project.

Access to data

Our system’s database contains users’ daily data storage. Every user’s right is safe. Continuous data is stored in terms of users’ buying-selling, task completion, leveling up, spending time in the universe. In the event of a possible crash, the last stored data record will be taken as a basis and financial losses will be tried to be avoided.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a concept that has been in our lives for a long time. Simply put, in most shopping malls you have visited, there have been virtual reality areas that you have come across at least once. So where is the concept of virtual reality today? Virtual reality, which is in search of a new identity with the concept of Metaverse, is coming to be a part of our lives. Get ready to work from your home, buy a house, earn money from where you live, attend meetings, meet with your friends!



Your characters cannot be unreal if you are building a real virtual universe! We are not creating a game. We try to create as real an environment as possible. Forget the usual characters! We will have a completely different plan for users. What do you say? Could this be a hologram work?



It is difficult to ensure the continuation of any phenomenon. However, when you achieve this, you will achieve stability. We have been working according to a specific plan from the very beginning. We serve a purpose. We embrace an ecosystem. We aim to use a feed mechanism for every model we build. One part must necessarily support another part. Check out our Tokenomics section. Here, each share actually works for each other, you realize that. Or come across our project and think about it. NFT & Metaverse.. Why do we call ourselves ENEFTI? These contain deep meanings. The idea of ​​sustainability is the most fundamental idea that this project serves.


Connection in Offline

You don’t just have to be online to experience the virtual reality we created. You don’t have to download apps either. You don’t have to create any account either. You can experience a fluid virtual reality by visiting our VR supported 360 tours.


VR activities

You can do many activities in our universe. We are not just aiming for financial gain. We will give you the opportunity to engage in educational and interactive activities. Interactive trainings will be given in veterinary clinics that we have built in our universe for veterinary medicine students. It will be interactively compatible in our zoo and art galleries. Do you want to have fun? We built an amphitheater for you. Here you will be able to experience the activity you want. If you want to invest, visit our DEX, CEX linked hubs. If you want to buy private property in our universe, do not miss the sales!


Creating a Metaverse project and gaining functionality is a long and challenging process. It includes many parts to be completed such as architectural design, preparation of software and animation stages, blockchain integrations, testnet stages. We will reveal our token project soon. There will be data that our potential investors would like to see concretely. Since we know this very well, we prepared VR supported 360 tours for you after we completed the designs of our architectural stages. With these tours, you will be able to experience our universe in VR, and you will have more control over the process of the project you invested in.
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